• Porsche Event


    رعايه شركه بورش العالميه للسيارات وثقتهم بنا أضافت لنا الكثير لنجاح العرض the International car company Porsche sponsored this event , their trust & support has added lots of success to the event

  • Nady el-seid EVENT


    It was all about mixing the four seasons of the year and producing it a fashionable way فكره الدفيليه كانت الفصول الاربعه

  • The runway was revolving around art and celebrities we were honored to have beautiful ٍSahar Ramy attending our show فكره الديفليه كانت النجوم والفن وشرفتنا بالحضور الفنانه سحر رامى

  • In this fashion show the diversity of ideas occurred and it was filled with energy and optimism كانت افكار متنوعه ومليئه بالحيويه والتفاؤل

  • Porsche Event 2016


    Fashion designer soheir masaood was thrilled to make a fashion show for summer 2016 that was sponsored by the international car company Porsche.

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