Violent winds and widespread flooding could not only be limited to Texas and Louisiana, with the cyclone reaching wind speeds of up to 225 kilometers per hour as early as Wednesday.

Violent winds and widespread flooding could not only be limited to Texas and Louisiana, with the cyclone reaching wind speeds of up to 225 kilometers per hour as early as Wednesday.

The US chip manufacturer is accordingly specifying its forecast for the third quarter. This is where the author comes in Texas Instruments is struggling with the poor market environment. The US chip manufacturer is accordingly specifying its forecast for the third quarter. Europe’s debt crisis and the sluggish US economy are slowing US chip manufacturer Texas Instruments and European rival STMicro. Customers and sales partners are increasingly cautious when placing new orders because of the global economic environment.

This is where the author comes in Apple, Seagate and Texas Instruments are initially moving into the focus of investors. However, the euro debt crisis remains the dominant theme on Wall Street as well. Greece replaces Spain. This is where the author comes in Intel chips are found in 80 percent of all PCs worldwide.

The only problem is that more and more customers are neglecting this and are turning to tablets instead. The quarterly figures of the industry leader are therefore eagerly awaited – but surprises are also possible at AMD and Texas Instruments. Mood of optimism overseas, hangover mood in Europe? The quarterly reports from Texas Instruments and STMicroelectronics suggest this.

STM reports a loss and a significant drop in sales. TI, on the other hand, can keep its revenues almost constant and spreads optimism despite a drastic drop in profits. “Several boat owners parading in Texas on Lake Travis. The large number of participants causes the water to move. For many recreational captains, this turns into heavy seas.

Many a trip ends at the bottom of the lake. Several boats ran into distress during a boat parade in Texas in support of incumbent Donald Trump’s presidential election campaign. During the parade on Lake Travis northwest of the city of Austin, several boats were full of water and a few even sank, the Travis District Sheriff’s office tweeted. Injured or other medical emergencies were not reported and there is no evidence of sabotage as the cause of the accidents, said the sheriff’s spokeswoman, Kirsten Dark.

Photos posted on Twitter showed boats with pro-Trump flags in troubled waters. The high waves may have been caused by the large number of boats and ships on the lake. On Facebook, more than 2500 users indicated that they were taking part in the boat parade. According to the authorities, the parade was between three and five kilometers long.

Authority spokeswoman Dark confirmed that an unusually large number of boats had been on Lake Travis. “Some were full of water, some were blocked, some capsized – all sorts of things happened,” she added.quick biology essay writing service How many boats sank still has to be checked. The Republican US President Trump will run against the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on November 3rd. Source:, jwu / AFP “Many Americans try to protect their homes with sandbags like here in New Orleans. (Photo: REUTERS) 2020 will be a record year for hurricanes, predicts the US climate agency.

Hurricane “Laura” threatens to be particularly devastating, as it moves towards the coast with enormous wind speeds. Hundreds of thousands are packing their bags, Louisiana’s Governor Edwards urges them to hurry. Hurricane “Laura”, which is moving over the Gulf of Mexico towards the US coast, continues to gain strength. According to US meteorologists, the cyclone there has reached hurricane strength four out of five, making it an extremely dangerous cyclone, according to a statement from the National Hurricane Center (NHC). “Laura” is expected to hit the mainland shortly after midnight (local time) near the cities of Port Arthur and Orange on the Texas-Louisiana border.

According to US media reports, hundreds of thousands of people are being asked to get to safety. “You only have a few hours to prepare for Hurricane Laura and to get to safety,” warned Louisiana’s Governor John Bel Edwards on Twitter. “Wherever you are until noon, that’s where you have to weather the storm.” The alarm was also raised in Texas: “If you are in a low-lying coastal area (…) time is running out,” wrote the spokesman for civil protection, Seth Christensen, on Twitter. Where “Laura” hits land, “devastating storm damage” must be expected, warned the National Hurricane Center. Well-built houses could be badly damaged and trees could be uprooted.

There will be no electricity or water for several days or weeks. A life-threatening storm surge with large and dangerous waves and flash floods is also forecast. After hitting the mainland, meteorologists expect a slowdown. Violent winds and widespread flooding could not only be limited to Texas and Louisiana, with the cyclone reaching wind speeds of up to 225 kilometers per hour as early as Wednesday.

That made “Laura” a category three hurricane and thus the first very strong one of the season. The route over unusually warm water gave the storm a lot of power in a short space of time, with the US climate agency NOAA predicting 2020 could be a record year for hurricanes. 19 to 25 storms are expected, of which 7 to 11 could become hurricanes, 3 to 6 even very strong with wind speeds of 178 kilometers per hour and more. In average years there are twelve storms on the Atlantic coast, three of which develop into category three, four or five hurricanes.

The cyclone season ends in late November. Governor Edwards had said on Monday, “I want everyone to understand that this has the potential to be the strongest hurricane to hit (us) since Hurricane ‘Rita’.” “Rita” was rated as a magnitude 3 hurricane in 2005 reached the United States on the Texas-Louisiana border and swept the country at speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour. In the meantime, 1.3 million people had to leave the coastal region.

The authorities put the number of direct hurricane deaths at seven, but many more people died during the evacuation measures, among other things from the effects of the heat. “Rita” hit the US south coast shortly after the deadly hurricane “Katrina”. “Katrina” wreaked havoc in the city of New Orleans in 2005. Hundreds of people died at the time. Source:, tsi / dpa “” Texas is actually voting strictly Republican, but President Trump is so unpopular even there that challenger Biden has a chance. Militants to – you have to put it this way: crazy Trump supporters have now harassed a bus belonging to his campaign team (which Biden was not in) on a highway. You see more in the video – and how does Trump react? Twitter: I love Texas.

With a video of the scene. Source: “Four days before the US election, more Texans cast their vote than four years ago. The state’s Ministry of the Interior spoke of nine million voters so far, in 2016 there were 8.9 million.

  Source: “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of Texas No tropical storm before has destroyed as much in parts of the USA as” Harvey “. Texas is expected to need more than 100 billion dollars.

President Trump applies to Congress for the first 8 billion. It’s not enough for more – otherwise there is a threat of a “shutdown”. The situation after Hurricane Harvey remains dire. Black smoke rises again in the flooded chemical plant near Houston. And although the US debt limit has almost been reached, Washington plans to provide eight billion dollars for the region.

Storm “Harvey” left a trail of destruction in Texas. But not everyone suffers from it. The hurricane could even pay off for the auto industry. Tropical storm “Harvey” devastated parts of Texas, but an even more dramatic flood disaster was taking place in South Asia – more than 2,100 people have already been killed.

Gradually the water drains away and the damage becomes clear – it should be in the billions. “Harvey” could become the most expensive natural event in US history. Venezuela and Mexico of all places offer support. Hurricane “Harvey” stops a planned execution in Texas. Because his defenders come from the flood areas, a death row inmate remains alive for the time being. The devastating effects of the tropical storm “Harvey” did not leave the stars of the USA indifferent either.

They donate large amounts of money in a row. A singer even tears and a rapper texts against the storm. In view of the damage caused by tropical storm “Harvey”, attention is turned to a flooded chemical plant near Houston. There were two explosions there, reports the operator.

It is unclear how dangerous the black smoke is for the population. “Harvey” is weakening, but threatens other US states. In Texas, the extent of the damage is slowly becoming apparent. The cost of rebuilding is skyrocketing. Aid comes from the US government, the Navy – and Mexico and Venezuela. The rain in Houston stops – the fear remains.

Nobody knows how many dead are released by the receding floods. Many citizens who are not adequately insured are left with nothing. “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles from on the subject of Texas The world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phone chips posted a small loss in the first quarter and is expecting profits again for the second quarter. Dell is more optimistic than that for the current quarter Although sales will decline compared to the fourth quarter of 2001, they will no longer be as strong as expected, according to the company based in the US state of Texas.

The new market company can prepare for an offer from the US semiconductor company Texas Instruments. Texas wants to offer twelve euros per share, reports Condat. That would be around 100 million euros in total. “Boxing bully” Mike Tyson can hope for a license in the state of Texas again. Mike Tyson’s application for a boxing license for Texas has been denied by the Southern State Licensing and Rules Commission.

Chip manufacturer Texas Instruments slipped into the red in the third quarter. The pro forma loss was $ 57 million, or three cents per share. The insurance group Parion does not want to work with the investor group Texas Paxific Group (TPG) in the restructuring of Bankgesellschaft Berlin.

It was said that they were committed to the Flowers group. In addition to NordLB and the US investor group around Christopher Flowers, the Texas Pacific Group (TPG) seems to have found another interested party for the ailing Bankgesellschaft Berlin. “(Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Because of” concrete suspicions of terrorism “the police attacked various cities in North Rhine-Westphalia in the morning: Four Islamists from Tajikistan were arrested. A fifth had been in prison for a year.

The Federal Public Prosecutor determined. During a raid on a suspected IS cell, investigators arrested four Tajik citizens early this morning in North Rhine-Westphalia. The suspects are said to have planned attacks on facilities of the US armed forces in Germany or even individuals together with another suspect who was already in custody, as the federal prosecutor in Karlsruhe announced. North Rhine-Westphalia Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) spoke of a process with “huge dimensions”. In particular, they were planning an assassination attempt on a person who “from the point of view of the accused had expressed criticism of Islam in public”. A name was not mentioned.

One of those arrested is said to have already spied out this potential murder victim. US air force bases in Germany were also explored. According to Reul, there were two US military bases. According to RTL / ntv information, there were searches around 6 a.m. in eight different cities in the Sauerland, the Ruhr area and the Lower Rhine. The German press agency in Karlsruhe learned that the attacks were not yet imminent. But the men already had real guns.

One of them has also already obtained instructions for building bombs. The police speak of a “concrete terrorist threat” that should be taken very seriously. All five men between the ages of 24 and 32 have been observed for some time that they are “heavy boys”. The four arrested Azizjon B., Muhammadali G., Farhodshoh K. and Sunatullokh K. as well as Ravsan B., who is already in custody, are urgently suspected of having founded a terrorist cell in Germany as members of the Islamic State (IS) jihadist militia. Ravsan B. had been in custody since March 2019 because of other allegations.

Because of the suspicion of terrorism, the federal prosecutor’s office took over the investigation against him. The attack plans stalled after his arrest. The men are said to have joined IS in January 2019. Originally, they should have planned to go to Tajikistan to go to holy war.

Then they would have changed their plans. The accused should be brought before the investigating judge of the Federal Court of Justice during the day. Source:, jog / jug / AFP / dpa “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of Texas 2020 will be a record year for hurricanes predicts the US climate agency.

Hurricane “Laura” threatens to be particularly devastating, as it moves towards the coast with enormous wind speeds. Hundreds of thousands are packing their bags, Louisiana’s Governor Edwards urges them to hurry. The next tropical storm is heading for the US Gulf Coast. “Laura” is already swirling with hurricane force and could hit the coast of Louisiana and Texas on Wednesday evening. There one takes cover, so to speak, comparisons to “Rita” and “Katrina” can be heard. A few months ago, the US Congress approved a corona aid program to help small businesses get through the pandemic.

In Texas, a 29-year-old decides to apply for the money even though he doesn’t have a company. He spends the money on luxury items – until it’s blown. The Hawaiian Islands are rarely reached by hurricanes, now “Douglas” moves close to them. In addition, the first hurricane of the Atlantic hits the coast in Texas this season. “Hanna” brings heavy rains with it.

As a result of the storm, 250,000 households in the south of the US state lost their power. Relations between China and the US are still nearing their lowest point.

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